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Maize Seeds

Seed Variety

Our quality maize seed varieties include Longe 6H, Longe 9H, FH 6150, FH 5160, LONGE 5(OPV), MAIZE
MM3(OPV), and LONGE 4(OPV).

Upland Rice

Seed Variety

Description: Upland rice nerica 1 and 4 are popular varieties in Uganda and have a Maturity of 110- 120 days. They are known to be resistant to blast and shattering.

Yielding Capacity: 4-5 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: 75-90kg/ha. Spacing at planting 20cm between rows and 4cm between plants after growth.


K132 and Nabe 4

Seed Variety

Description: They are large kidney shaped beans with a red and mottled color, matures in 80 days and is resistant to bean mosaic virus but susceptible to anthracnose disease.

Yielding Capacity: 1.5- 2.0 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: 100kg/ha. Spacing is 50cm x 10cm.


Sekedo and Epuripur

Seed Variety

Description: It is brown red seeded variety released in 1995 and matures in 100 days. It is resistant to stem borers and moderately resistant to shoot fly. Recommended for both food and animal feed.

Yielding Capacity: 4-5 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: 8kg/ha. Spacing is 40cm x 10cm.



Seed Variety

These varieties were released to replace nam 1 and II which were susceptible to rust. Our quality soy seed varieties include MAKSOY 2N, MAKSOY 3N, and MAKSOY 4N.

Red Beauty

Seed Variety

Description: Oldest variety on the market Popular because of its red color and makes a good sauce.
Matures in 90 days.

Yielding Capacity: 1.5-2.0 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: Spacing is 40cm x 10cm. Seed rate is 80kg/ha.


1,2,3 and 4

Seed Variety

Description: Matures in 100-140 days. Resistant to rosette and tolerant to drought.
Delicious for confectioneries.

Yielding Capacity: 3 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: Seed rate is 80kg/ha. Spacing is 40cm x 10cm.


Pese 1, Pese 2,
Seremi 1 and
Seremi 2

Seed Variety

Description: Tolerant to drought.
Matures in 100days.

Yielding Capacity: 2-3 mt / ha.

Seed Rate: Spacing is 4cm between rows. Seed rate is 4kg/ha.


Sesame 1 and 2
Sesim 1 and 2

Seed Variety

Description: Matures in 100-110 days. Resistant to cerocospora leaf spot, gall midge, lodging. Produces high quality oil.

Yielding Capacity: 1 mt/ha.

Seed Rate: Spacing is 30cm x 10cm. Seed rate is 5kg/ha.


MM 96/4271

Seed Variety

Description: Resistant to cassava mosaic disease(CMD). Tolerant to cassava brown streak disease(CBSD).

Yielding Capacity: 35-40 mt/ha.

Seed Rate: Plant 7-8 bays of cutting/ acre.



As a one stop farm supply centre, FICA also stocks fertilizers like DAP, UREA, MAP, TSP, NPKs which are packed in 50kg bags and other fertilizers like Black Magik.

Also in stock are crop protection products like ;
Dursban, Dithane M45, Dithane DG, NurelleD, Gladiator, Fumaphos, Mamba, spintordust, Runner etc.
Agricultural tools and impliments include; Hoes, Pangas, Knapsack sprayers (1ltr, 2 ltr, 5ltr, 16ltr)

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