Our Story

Farm Inputs Care Centre (FICA) Limited was incorporated in Uganda in 1999 and started seed business in 2001. FICA has grown to become a medium size company with growth to 3,000 metric tons of seed produced and sold annually.
We are engaged in the complete value chain of seeds – variety development and maintenance, seed multiplication, processing and marketing.
FICA has diversified product portfolio, including seeds for field crops, vegetable seeds, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, tools and implements.

Seed Production

FICA has extensive land for seed production (more than 5 square miles of land) in Masindi, a seed processing factory with warehouses and a farm unit with stores and staff quarters. In Kasese, FICA is in the process of installing a seed processing plant at Abasaijak-weyamba Farming Cooperative Society where there is seed production on contract with farmers in the Mubuku Irrigation Scheme.

Our Mission & Approach

Mission: To provide innovative products and services that will help increase the income for farmers, and promote the growth and quality of the agricultural sector.

Core Values: We serve farmers. We are the farmers’ champion. We listen closely to them and we understand their needs. We offer our best solutions and deliver quality in everything we do to improve yield and income.

Learning and Innovation: We cultivate ideas and harvest innovation. Research excites us. We explore novel approaches, apply new technologies, and build an environment for creativity, whether in the field or in the office.

YEARS OF service

We have been providing quality seeds for over 19 years now.


Our head office is located in Kawempe in Kampala, and we have offices in the Western and Eastern regions. You can also make purchased from Juba Market and Container village.


We have close relationships with thousands of farmers all over East Africa.

Message from the CEO

We are into our 19th year now since our modest beginnings in seed production and market development in Uganda in 1999. As the basis was a strong spirit of cooperation and partnership between FICA and other key players in the seed industry. During the 1990’s, the partnership had been expanded with innovative salesmanship in the main field crops. As a result of a strong organizational growth, FICA has been able to enter new seed business areas where products, people and market development will again be at the core of our efforts.

FICA will also continue to devote its effort to secondary vegetable and food security crops, including indigenous vegetables that have income growth potential for smallholder farmers. As we continue in business, we realize that we need to do so much more to have a real and lasting effect on the lives of smallholder farmers and the rural economics in which they live.

FICA has set up a foundation which works on knowledge transfer programs, training
small, pre-commercial farmers, thus contributing to income growth and increased supplies of high quality food. Providing basic facts about seed will help readers to develop common understanding of the seed business. The style I use is intended to generate relevant questions from stakeholders, especially farmers.

Narcis Tumushabe

Narcis Tumushabe

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