We supply high quality seed and planting material, and pride ourselves on being close to small-holder farmers and providing agricultural advice as part of its customer service.

Types of seeds


FH 5160 cob

Seed Varieties

Small holder Farmers



We seriously take all policies that are needed for a seamless crop production like climate change, conservation of genetic resources, agricultural biodiversity, GMO’s, and sustainable intensification on agriculture.

Seed Varieties

We are the leading quality seed producers in the region. Quality seeds produced are but not limited to maize, beans, rice, soya beans, millet, cassava, groundnuts, and sesame.


We take pride in having close relationships with the farmers and providing agricultural advice.

Fertilizers & Crop Protection

We stock fertilizers and crop protection products.

Our Impact on the Agricultural Sector

FICA is dedicated to producing and marketing seeds and other planting materials to small-scale farmers across Uganda and its neighboring countries.

Regional Contacts

HEAD OFFICE: 0414 566 631 / 0782 451 995 / 0700 566 631

EASTERN REGION: 0702 415 665 / 0774 128 711

WESTERN REGION: 0702 187 062 / 0774 137 890

JUBA MARKET: 0706 449 390

CONTAINER VILLAGE: 0700 888 905 / 0703 434 558

MASINDI: 0702 899 126 / 0701353 477

I am so thankful for FICA seeds. I had no idea that good quality seeds are more resistant to diseases. You have made farming much easier for me.

- Otieno Moses

The support you have given me and my fellow farmers in Masindi has contributed to very fruitful harvests. We are grateful 

- Namiya Stella

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