How does the quality control actually work or who are involved?

There are two aspects to quality control. First, FICA’s own quality control staff and its laboratory facilities working in conjuction with the Company field officers ensure that all requirements are met through from production to sale of the final product. Secondly, all operations are also checked by officers of the National Seed Certification Services agency of MAAIF, an independent body who actually give the final certificates that allow the Company to sell the product having achieved all the required standards according to the Seed Act.

How does the farmer know that he is getting a “good” seed?

Any reputable seed company will take all steps necessary to ensure that the quality of its product is maintained. Continuous control of quality of seed, either by internal staff or by the National Seed Certification Services agency staff of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries assures this. Farmers should purchase their requirements from reputable companies or their appointed agents. Avoid all packages that have been tampered with or that are in any way suspect.

FICA has different varieties of seed for sale. How does the farmer find out the best or right variety to buy?

All varieties sold by FICA are designated for specific areas. There is a very wide range of altitude, temperature and rainfall in this country and varieties have been bred for many of these specific combinations. Farmers should contact FICA agents and sales staff on advice for the best choice of varieties. Some of the information is provided in this profile. I recommend all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the literature provided in this write up, which is only intended to increase awareness of what the seed business really is.

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