What do I mean by the word seed?

This is the fertilized embryo of flowering plants, usually contained in grains with latent potential of reproduction. We use the word potential because there are other desirable conditions for the productivity to be realized. For instance correct conditions are needed for seed to germinate, weather in many cases is a key factor, the quality of the seed bed, planting the seed correctly at the correct depth and not in depth and not in direct contact  with any fertilizer used etc. Generally, the whole agronomy package should be adhered to.

Main reasons why farmers should not use grains from their crop harvest as seed for the following season

Although the gain from the grown crop can be in some cases used for plating many reasons for saying this. The farmer obviously wishes to obtain maximum utilization and yield from his fields. But  this cannot happen by starting off with plating material of low quality. A great deal of work has been done in producing a seed crop that will maintain that potential, seed processing and seed distribution is a very specialized area in the overall supply of food.

What a Hybrid is and how it is more beneficial than other seeds?

Hybridization, the making of a hybrid, is the a cross fertilization of two varieties of the same species the product of which will have a higher yield than either of the parent lines, a phenomena known as hybrid vigour. There are various form of hybrid, i.e. potential increase in yield. Not all crosses produce the hybrid vigour, and it is the skill and knowledge of the breeder that is behind all hybridization programme. It is skill and knowledge  of the seed producers and seed merchants that maintain the purity of parent material and produce the final hybrid seed.

Key reasons why seed mat not germinate

Seed can be killed very easily and from numerous causes. Prior to planting, proper storage is probably the most important reason. Under hot and damp conditions, the viability of seed deteriorates rapidly. Storage next to fertilizer stocks is very damaging to seed. Insect and rodent damage in storage it a common problem. Seed broken or cracked by a planter goes not germinate.

How does the farmer know that he is getting a "good" seed?

Any reputable seed company will take all steps necessary to ensure that the quality of its product is maintained. Continuous control of quality of seed, either by internal staff or by the National Seed Certification Services staff of the Ministry if Agriculture. Animal Industry and Fisheries assures this. Farmers should purchase their requirements from reputable companies or their appointed agents. Avoid all packages that have been tampered with or that are in any way suspect.

How does the quality control actually work or who are involved?

There are two aspects to quality control.

  • First, FICA’s own quality control staff and its laboratory facilities working in conjunction with the Company field officers ensure that all requirements  are met through from production to sale of the final product.
  • All Operations are also checked by officer of the National Seed Certification Service agency of MAAIF, an independent body who actually give the final certificates that allow the company to sell the product having achieved all the required standards according to the Seed Act.

FICA has different varieties of seed for sale. How does farmer find Out the best or Right variety to buy.

All varieties sold by FICA are designated for specific areas. There is a very wide range of altitude, temperature and rainfall in this country and varieties have been bred for many of these specific combinations. Farmers should contact FICA agents and sales staff on advice for the best choice of varieties. Some of the information is provided on this webiste. We recommend all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the literature provided here, which is only intended to increase awareness of what the seed business really is.

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